The global digital currency for hard times.

An ERC-20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain, backed by physical 3-ply toilet paper.

What is it?

TPC is a decentralised digital asset built to maintain a 100% liquidity in sheets of good quality toilet paper.

While TPC can't be considered strictly a stablecoin due to the volatility of its underlying backing asset, it is a safe-haven for times of financial uncertainty.

TPC is a highly investable digital asset designed to wipe various shitcoins off the crypto market.

How it works

TPC works in the public Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 Token Standard.

Each token can be exchanged for real-life 3-ply toilet paper by sending tokens to a public smart contract which interacts with the Amazon Ecommerce API to ship physical products using money staked by manufacturers.

1 TPC is the equivalent of a roll of 3-ply toilet paper or 500 sheets.

Read our whitepaper for more information.


While exchanges haven't listed us just yet, you can become an early adopter by depositing toilet paper in an insured parcel or envelope with your ethereum public address written on each sheet. You will receive an airdrop with the deposited TPC value to your Ethereum wallet.

Toilet Paper Deposits:
V. Kuosmanen
Engadiner Str. 2
81475 Munich, Germany

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